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Free Bible Apps

Benefits Of Using A Free Bible App For Catholic Churches

Today, there are a lot of free bible apps for catholic churches. There are a lot, so you need to choose the best one. There are really a lot of benefits when using a bible app.


Below are the benefits of using a bible app:


A. You have the chance to connect and communicate with other Christian friends


A free Bible on your phone apps has a social media part. In this part you can add friends, like their highlights and even comment on it. You will see the devotion that they have created and all of their highlighted verses an and both of these can be great topics in having an online discussion. You can actually like and comment on the verse that your friends have highlighted.


B. You can change the verse into an image


This is best for a visual person. If verses are in a form of an image then it can really get the attention of people. There are bible apps that have verses in images and they have different sizes, colors and fonts. People that use social media websites really love verses in a form of an image since they share it in their own account. Choose iBuildApp mobile app builder that are connected with different social media websites. Bible verses images are really aesthetically good and really easy to read. People easily notice verses in images. This is a really good way to share the good news of God.


C. You can read the bible even when the lights are off


Blue light screens are not good for the eyes, so you actually have the chance to change the light options so you can easily read the bible. You can read your bible while you lay down on your bed.


D. You can quickly find a bible verse


We have been in bible studies and usually it will take you minutes to find the bible verse. In the bible app, you can actually find a bible verse in just three taps.


E. You can choose the font settings


There are some people that are having difficulty in reading small text. Bible apps allows you to change the font and the font size of the text.


F. You can choose the translation


You can actually choose the translation of the bible. There are 1096 translations that you can choose from such as KJV, NLT, NET and many more.